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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to give our children opportunities to be fit, active and well-rounded individuals. These precious holiday periods should be fun, exciting and above all memorable but we understand that the pressures of everyday life get in the way of prioritising this for our children.

Pouncing Panthers - Mudeford Wood Community Centre
Our Location

The value of our incredible venue at Mudeford Wood Community Centre means that we can take a short stroll to the beach to do some summer sports such as beach Volley Ball or take walks through the woodland to learn about various survival skills and nature.

Our Team

  • Justin
  • Victoria
  • Stevie
  • Julie
  • Silvia
  • Cam
  • Sam
  • Lisa
  • Oakley

Justin Pimm BSc (Hons) ASCC, founder of Pouncing Panthers, has led a colourful life so far!

Pouncing Panthers - Justin Pimm

Born and raised in South Africa until the age of 16, Justin was always an active child growing up, with a burning passion for all things sports. He was thus an avid tennis player, cricketer, rugby player and runner to name but a few of the sports he tried his hand at... with varying amounts of success he might add!

Following a family relocation which saw him sail around the world from their home in South Africa to Canada, Justin rose to the challenge whilst still successfully completing 4 A-levels. Finally settling down in Canada after two years at sea, it was here that Justin’s passion for sport diversified, now including the likes of ice hockey, skiing and golf.

At the age of 20 Justin’s passion for travelling and moreover sailing, had not quite been fulfilled yet. He would then go on to spend the next two years working on a 172ft private yacht, travelling between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, honing his seamanship before finally residing in the UK.

Here Justin took on the position as a Senior Tennis Coach at Woodfield Grove Tennis Club in south London where he gained a fantastic reputation over his 7 years of working there, for being a dynamic and inspirational coach and mentor for aspiring tennis players of all ages.

Hard work has always been a prerequisite for Justin, which was indeed illustrated when, not wanting to rest on his laurels, he decided to undertake his Bachelor of Science degree in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. All this whilst simultaneously working full time at the tennis club, Justin’s strong work ethic and dedication meant that he would graduate with a 1st Class Honours degree.

Not one for mediocrity, Justin decided to get married in this year too!

During Justin’s degree he took on some invaluable work experience within several elite sporting environments including Surrey Cricket and The National Tennis Centre, working with notable names such as Jason Roy, Ricky Ponting and Jamie Murray. This in-turn led to Justin accepting the prestigious position as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at one of the LTA's High Performance Tennis Centres - the West Hants Tennis Academy, Bournemouth.

Justin’s continued passion for creating sporting opportunities for all children, regardless of ability lead to the creation of Pouncing Panthers. Justin is hoping that his own children, Jonty and Savannah, will inherit this same exuberance for life and passion for sport - and that they too can grow up playing... the way nature intended!

Hi! Im Victoria, I’ll be the one that will answer your phone calls and messages on email and social media.

Pouncing Panthers - Victoria

You may also find me with your children from day to day assisting our managers and generally trying to keep up!! I set up Pouncing Panthers with my husband Justin in 2016 with a desire to provide outstanding childcare, where the children are desperate to go and once there, desperate to stay!

A little bit about me; my background is in fashion, graduating with a 2:1 from University before taking a vacancy at Jenny Packham and working my way up to Head Bridalwear Designer. After 5 years I made the bold decision to head off traveling the globe for a year, solo in 2005.

Spending the year visiting India, South East Asia, Australasia and South America I soaked in culture, experiences and new friendships. Bungy jumping, Sky Diving, sleeping under the stars at Uluru and climbing the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu were particular highlights but my time spent volunteering at the Tsunami Volunteer Centre in Koh Lak affected my outlook on life forever.

On my return I set up a successful lingerie design company in London called Fred & Ginger. My designs were featured on countless celebrities and in top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. I directed a Fred & Ginger photoshoot on an hour long episode of Britain’s Next Top Model and my collections were sold in Selfridges amongst 70 other High End shops and boutiques around the world. I won ‘Cool Brand’ Status as well as Best Female Entrepeneur, South London, 2012.

Those years were quite the ride until I met Justin and everything changed! Boys eh?!

Married in 2012 it didn’t take us long before we were expecting Savannah, our first born, Jonty arrived just 20 months later! Buisness woman and mother of ‘two under two’ nearly broke me. That’s when we made the decision to close Fred & Ginger and move to the beautiful South Coast from the hustle and bustle of London... and we’ve never looked back!

We’ve absolutely loved getting Pouncing Panthers off the ground and meeting such wonderful local people that we can now call friends. I also create bespoke wedding dresses on the the side... check out www.fredandgingerbride.com. We love what we do .. and our kids do too!

Come and say hi sometime!

Stevie Williams, the co-founder of Stand Tall Theatre, has joined the Pouncing Panthers team in a managerial capacity alongside Carley Dawson.

Pouncing Panthers - Stevie Williams

Stevie is lead coach of specialist Confidence through Drama workshops and his online skills lie in applications, commissions and liaising. Stevie is highlighted best as driven and energetic, and now runs various drama workshop programmes across the South with his company Stand Tall Theatre. Stevie's acting and dance ability has seen him tour internationally and locally.

Stevie's experience in Theatre Making has enabled the creation of touring production and programmes for secondary schools revolving around art as well-being. Stevie holds a BA Hons in Performance, an MA in Theatre Collectives, and coaching qualifications.

These qualifications have seen him run classes for children with Catch 22, David Lloyd, Superstar Sports, Mountbatten Leisure Centre and primary schools across the South.

Stevie has a reputation for being wonderful with children and we just know your children will enjoy every minute with him!

Julie Laming has been running Mad4Dance, a dance school based in Christchurch for 15 years.

Pouncing Panthers - Julie Laming

Offering many different training and performance opportunities, including taking exams and entering competitions, Julie has also performed in Disneyland Paris, the West End of London and F1 Grand Prix.

Julie is soon to be opening brand new studios in Christchurch which will be home to the dance school but will also be a centre to help and improve the mental health of young people in the surrounding community.





Silvia Moreno

Pouncing Panthers - Silvia Moreno

Silvia is a qualified Yoga Teacher under the guidance of two Masters of Yoga Rowan Cobelli one of the main representatives in ‘Integral Yoga’ Teacher Training in uk and Europe and Jyoti Manuel Founder and Lead Practitioner of ‘Special Yoga’.

For over 20 years of her life as a Yoga practitioner, Silvia is at present experienced in teaching Yoga to adults and children age ranged 5-12 with mixed ages in different educational settings. She has also had the opportunity to work with children with Special Needs witnessing beautiful outcomes.

With a background of performing arts, Silvia has also led children in creative Art and movement workshops. She promotes a healthy and creative learning space full of fun and self discovery, serving the child to feel safe and in a cohesive environment.

Also qualified and experienced as a Montessori Directress - which has served her as the foundation of the love of working with children- her aim is to nourish their seeds of potential independence, creativity, confidence and the intrinsic joy of life and values.

Cameron Powell

Pouncing Panthers - Cameron Powell

Hi! My name is Cameron and I’m currently a student at Reading University studying French, Italian and Japanese.

In the future, I’d love to become a languages teacher as I want to show the new generation that learning a language can be fun! I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, so being able to do that whilst sharing my passion for languages would be ideal!

I have so many fond memories of attending summer activity camps when I was younger, so I’m so excited to work for Pouncing Panthers this summer to help kids make their own memories! See you there!




Le Club Français & El Club Español has been successfully operating in the area for the last 25 years and is an active language learning programme, delivered in a fun, club environment.

Pouncing Panthers - Le Club Français & El Club Español

Specifically designed to introduce the French and Spanish languages and culture to early learners and primary children, we then build confidence in our members, concentrating on tone, diction and pronunciation. All our Club Leaders are native or fluently bi-lingual.

Each club session consists of a language learning point, an opportunity to practise what has been learnt in previous weeks and plenty of games, songs, stories, crafts and activities, to strengthen this learning procedure.

Join us for this summer course at Pouncing Panthers, where your child will be taken on “Un Tour de France” with a stop-over in Paris, buying ice creams on a Spanish beach and ordering their favourite meals in our role-play café; everything they need for their next holiday to France or Spain!

Sam Wilkes

Sam Wilkes has been the Le Club Français & El Club Español Area Co-ordinator for the Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch conurbation for the past 2 years ago and has nearly 100 children a week in her afterschool classes.

Sam has a wealth of business experience, having previously worked in the Bloodstock Industry and Telecoms and has used her love of the French language throughout her working life, through translation, interpreting and liaison.


Lisa started performing at the age of 6 and was lucky to be chosen as a lead in many of her school shows, she went on to study at The London Studio where her passion for Musical Theatre and especially singing started her career as a professional.

Pouncing Panthers - Lisa Burge

Lisa was head hunted by an agent and began touring and performing as a support act for many famous bands such as Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Real Thing, Brian Poole and the Tremolos, Lenny Henry and many more.

She then went on to do session singing in studios to which she was spotted by Stock Aitken and Waterman who wanted her to release a single she went for the demo and then found out she was pregnant with her first born.

Lisa has also appeared, produced and directed many shows and now has her own school which she still teaches as well as freelance.



Hi, my name is Oakley and I have been working at Pouncing Panthers for around a year now, I love working with the kids and helping to allow them to have loads of fun at our camps.

Pouncing Panthers - Oakley Sparshott

At the moment I go to Embley school in Romsey, where I study Chemistry, Physics and PE. I have aspirations to join the police and play hockey professionally for my country, I look forward to seeing you in the holidays!







Technology is rapidly consuming the lives of our children, helping to contribute to a growing obesity epidemic. At Pouncing Panthers, it is our mission to restore active lifestyles in our youth. Creating a future generation that is not only well informed but also passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle whilst simultaneously having fun!


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